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How to Change an Oxygen Sensor on a 2004 GMC Truck

The 2004 GMC Sierra truck has several O2 or oxygen sensors in the system. On the V8 engine equipped trucks, there is one in each exhaust pipe in front of the catalytic converter as well as one on the down pipe coming from the exhaust manifold. When determining if you need to change an O2 sensor, you

How to Replace the Radiator in a 1992 Cherokee

The most important part of a vehicles cooling system is the radiator. As hot coolant circulates through the radiator, it is cooled by outside air, pulled in by the fan, then returned through the engine's water intake. This action allows the coolant to cycle continuously through out the cooling syste

How to Change the Rear Brake Pads on a 1999 Maxima

The 1999 Nissan Maxima uses brake discs, calipers and pads on its rear wheels. The Maxima's rear brake pads work with the parking brake, so you may not need to change them as often as you would the front brake pads, but you should still inspect them whenever you change the front ones. The procedure

How to Replace the Water Pump for My '98 Jimmy

The Jimmy is a mid-size sport utility vehicle made by GMC from 1983 to 2005. The models made from 1995 to 2005 belong to the second generation of the GMC Jimmy and are virtually identical to the Chevrolet Blazer. The 1998 GMC Jimmy has a water pump that the engine powers with a belt. It circulates c

How to Check a 12 Volt Battery Gauge

The battery gauge in your car tells you what the voltage is of the battery that starts your vehicle. The battery in your car is a 12-volt battery, which contrary to its name, can run from 10-14 volts at any time. If the gauge itself goes bad, then you don't know if the battery is up to the correct v

How do I Install a DVD System in an LX 470?

Installing a DVD system in your Lexus LX 470 requires you to remove the dome light from the ceiling so you can use the wiring harness and space for your Overhead DVD system. This is a do-it-yourself project that requires the use of common household tools and can be completed in under an hour.

How to Test an Alternator for Overcharging

The alternator is vital part of your car or truck's electrical system. When the vehicle is running, the alternator provides a constant charge to the battery, as well as to other accessories. Without the alternator, the battery will eventually discharge. However, if the alternator isn't working corre

How to Remove Car Wax From a Bumper

Car wax is a product that is applied to the body of your car to add sheen, but it can actually make your car look worse if you accidentally apply it to other areas. If car wax gets onto your bumper, it can harden and dry into a stubborn stain. Unfortunately, you cannot simply scrape off the wax, or

My 1994 Honda Civic Won't Start

The Civic is a an automobile that is produced by the Japan-based company Honda. The Honda Civic has a reputation for being a long-lasting vehicle that gets very good gas mileage. Despite how well engineered the Honda Civic may be, it is still susceptible to the same traditional wear and tear as ever

Learn to Change a Car Battery

Car batteries are vital for your vehicle as it's used to provide power throughout the car. Since they are also used for quite a long time, you must expect the need to change the car battery in your vehicle for it to continue to run.

How to Find the Gear Ratio on a 12 Bolt Rear End

The 12 bolt rear end is a popular unit used in muscle cars. The technical name for a rear end is the rear differential. A differential accepts the power from the engine via the driveshaft and sends it out to the wheels through the axles. When a gear ratio is stated as a 4:10, it simply means that t

Massey Ferguson Tractors Parts Pakistan - Ultimate Choice

Massey Ferguson tractors are among those machines that undergo heavy sales and the demand of which keeps on pulling up even in the absence of marketing and advertising. There are certain machines that sell themselves ...

Car Care - The Benefits of Learning How To Troubleshoot Your Car

Today's vehicles institute more technology than ever before. Modern cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles are operated by computers and complex electrical wiring systems that make car care and automotive troubleshooting by the average owner extremely complicated. Still, the cost of hiring me

Will a Bad Starter Solenoid Allow the Engine to Turn Over?

The starter receives 12 volts from the battery through the starter relay. When the key switch is turned to "START," voltage flows from the battery to the starter relay. The starter relay directs battery voltage from the battery to the starter solenoid. While the starter is activated, the starter ben

Top Tips For Picking the Best Car Accessories

For a car enthusiast, life would be incomplete and pretty much miserable without attractive car accessories. After all, every Mazda or Porsche that rolls out of the factory looks identical. But you don't want your dream car to look like every other car on the road, do you?

How to Find the Right HID Xenon Bulbs to Suit Your Vehicle

HID xenon bulbs are able to work for 3000 hours. When it is time to replace these bulbs, drivers will have to examine the many varieties of xenon bulbs for sale. The price and selection of replacement xenon bulbs also varies quite considerably depending on where you buy them from, be it the a main d

How to Measure Trailer Leaf Springs

Trailer springs act as a cushion for the items riding on the trailer. Leaf springs have layers of metal in decreasing lengths from top to bottom to absorb the shock of bumps while traveling. When the trailer encounters a bump or uneven area, the springs flex to absorb the energy and keep the load fr

How to Remove 1995 Mustang Ignition Tumblers

The 1995 Mustang uses the same modular design steering column first introduced in the 1994 model year. This design simplifies the replacement of the ignition tumbler -- also called a key lock cylinder -- and allows for removal without requiring removal of the steering wheel, clock spring or lock pla

How to Adjust a Shower Valve Mixture

Your shower valve mixes water together from the hot pipe and cold pipe in the shower wall. If your hot water is not hot enough, or so hot it burns, you can adjust the mixture to create a more suitable temperature. There are a few ways to complete this task, the method depends on the type of shower y