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What Will Cause a Window Unit AC to Leak on the Inside?

Window air conditioners produce waste water as a byproduct of their cooling. As long as the water is contained within the inside of the unit, homeowners have nothing to be concerned about. If water is leaking inside your home, however, you can check for a few potential issues.

Types of Power Window Assembly

Power windows allow instant access to fresh air and the in car image by kuhar from Fotolia.comOne of the better upgrades on cars includes instant access to fresh air via power windows. Power window assemblies consist of motors, sliders and window regulators. The motor...

How to Remove Dynamat

Dynamat is a rubber and aluminum sheet used for reducing the amount of road noise that enters your car while driving. Common areas to cover with Dynamat would be the doors, trunk, hood and chassis. However, problems arise when you no longer want the Dynamat in your car. Due to its sticky, tar-like s

How to Replace a Micra Fuel Pump

The fuel pump is an important part of the fuel assembly in your Micra; the pump is attached to the fuel tank. The pump is used to move fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. If your fuel pump becomes damaged it will affect the performance of your engine. You should look to replace a damaged fuel pum

The Symptoms of a Noisy Alternator

You can diagnose the different symptoms of your noisy alternator.Hemera Technologies/ ImagesThe alternator is the power generation system in your engine. When the alternator is running properly, it charges the battery as long as the car is running. If the alternator...

How to Rebuild a 1969 Camaro Rear Wheel Cylinder

The wheel cylinder is a key component in the drum brake system. This component pushes the brake shoes outward when the brake pedal is pushed. This happens when the brake fluid travels to the wheel cylinder pushing the two pistons out and in turn, pushing against the brake drum surface. The wheel cyl

How to Find a Ford Recall

Ford is an American car manufacturer that has been making vehicle since the early 1900s. The company continues to manufacturer and sell cars and trucks under several brands, including Lincoln and Mercury. Ford provides all past and present recall information through their website for consumer verifi

Solutions to Under-Performing Headlights

As you drive your car day in and day out, it's bound to get a few scrapes along the way. These are the little annoyances that come with driving. The problem, though, is that these scratches, especially the ones on the headlights, can become hazardous if they're not taken care of quickly an

My 2007 Altima Won't Beep When I Lock the Door

The 2007 Nissan Altima is fast, powerful and comfortable. As well as being customizable and user-friendly, there are numerous small touches that make it a polished and fun-to-drive machine. Sometimes those small touches can lead to customizations occurring accidentally. This is often the case when s

Cavalier Engine Performance

The Chevrolet Cavalier is a compact car that was last sold by General Motors in 2005. This model is powered by a four cylinder engine and offers good performance and fuel economy according to the auto review website CarGurus.

Signs and Symptoms of a Worn Track Bar

The track bar on a vehicle moves the axles from side to side. This assembly can be adjusted to make the steering and ride smoother. The track bar is made up of bushings, bearings and a rod which can wear over time. Certain signs and symptoms develop when the track bar fails or begins to fail.

How to Replace the PCV Valve on a 1987 Nissan Pathfinder

There is a component on most modern vehicles known as a PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valve, which is part of the emission control system. It is a one-way valve that helps remove gases from the inside of the crankcase of your Nissan Pathfinder engine. By removing these gases, the PCV valve h

How to Remove a Tire From a Mazda

Removing a tire from a Mazda is not unlike any other vehicle, in that having the proper tools and the correct ground surface are important for safety and being successful. The order in which you perform the procedure is equally important. Locate the emergency roadside tools that come equipped with y

How to Replace Tail Light Bulbs

Taillight bulbs usually push into a bulb socket that secures to the backside of the taillight lens on most coupes and sedans, eliminating the need to remove the taillight lens to replace the bulb. There is typically an access panel that leads to the taillight bulb inside the vehicle's trunk. On SUVs

Level Lift Tundra Installation Instructions

The Toyota Tundra is a really sharp truck with stout lines and a good profile. Its body styling is so popular, shades of it can be seen in the competition's model lines. While Tundra owners love its styling, some do want the lowered front end and the jacked rear end look leveled out. Some want their

Wood River Utah Windshield Replacement

Getting some cracks in your windshield that are not repairable require a total replacement. Wood River Idaho Windshield Replacement is one of the things that you can search online if you are trying to find ...

How to Reset the Sensor Light on a 1999 Camry

The various sensors on your 1999 Toyota Camry can control everything from air-to-fuel ratios to monitoring engine knock and exhaust gases. When there is a problem with any of the sensors on your Camry, you'll need to first diagnose the problem. This can be done for you for free at most auto parts st

How to Get Rid of Field Mice in Our Car

Field mice, or meadow mice as they're commonly called, regularly wreak havoc on crops and homes. Along with destroying crops and houses, field mice are also capable of bringing destruction upon vehicles. Field mice enter cars in search of food and shelter. Learning how to permanently and effectively

How do I Remove VW Polo Wing Mirror Glass?

The VW Polo is a compact car based off of the VW Golf. In the North American market, it is classed as a sub-compact. It actually uses many of the same parts as the Golf, including the side mirrors. While the Polo is a very small car, it can break its side mirrors too. This broken glass must be remov