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How to Change a '98 Grand Cherokee Water Pump

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has been a durable part of the motoring scene, quickly becoming a best-selling SUV since debuting in the 1990s. As with any car, the parts on the 1998 Grand Cherokee won't last forever. There may come a time when the water pump gives up and you need to replace it. This proc

How to Flush the Radiator in a 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo

Chevrolet recommends a 50/50 mixture of clean water and Dex-Cool antifreeze. The 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo owner's manual says that this ratio will "give freezing protection down to 34 degrees Fahrenheit" and "give boiling protection up to 265 degrees Fahrenheit." The manual also recommends changin

How to Read the Ammeter on a Golf Cart

Golf carts are an eco-friendly means of travel that are used on golf courses and as recreational transportation. The first electric golf cart was made in 1932, but they did not become widely used until 20 years later. Electrically powered carts have an ammeter that displays how much of the battery i

How to Check the Fork Oil Level on a Honda XL 250

Checking the level of fork oil on a Honda XL250 requires draining the oil and refilling with the correct amount. A good indication of a low oil condition is soft front suspension damping or bottoming out on rough terrain. An easy way to test the fork damping ability is to tap the front brake at 10 m

What Are the Causes of an Overheating Chevy SB?

Though the 350 engine is a generally reliable platform, many experience overheating problems with time or modification. There are as many solutions as there are causes for this particular issue, and some are more serious than others. However, with proper maintenance, repair and engineering, practi

How to Change a Taillight Bulb in a 2006 Nissan Altima

Like most modern vehicles, the 2006 Nissan Altima does not use sealed beam lights. Instead, it uses a lens assembly that houses several bulbs. The taillight bulb (also called a brake light or stop light) is located within the rear combination light assembly; it must be removed from the Altima before

How to Bleed Abs on a Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback's hydraulic braking system requires the occasional purging of the DOT-3 fluid used to apply pressure to the friction surfaces. This fluid can be bled from the lines one wheel at a time, in an alternating pattern, by the average backyard mechanic in one hour.

The Best Way to Not Mix Up Distributor Cap Wires

Do-it-yourself engine tuneups are a good way to save money on maintaining your car if you have the tools and skills to do the work. Modern car tuneups usually only involve replacing spark plugs, the distributor cap, ignition wires and air and fuel filters, so gone are the days when this was a compli

Want to Learn The Most Common Auto Repair Related Terms?

Once you buy a new vehicle for yourself, you can't let it just sit around between trips. You have to take care of it, like you would do for anything else of value. A car needs proper maintenance and you must learn about basic auto repair before getting started. For example, your car may break d

How do I Check the Fuel Pump in a 1996 Mazda 626?

The Mazda 626 was the premier family model of Japanese car manufacturer Mazda, a company named for the ancient God of Zoroastrian religion, until 2002. To keep your 1996 Mazda running as strong as its namesake, general maintenance such as regularly checking the fuel pump is important to do, such as

Replacement Procedures for a Grand Am Alternator

The Pontiac Grand Am uses an alternating generator to produce electrical power for recharging batteries and running the engine and accessory equipment. Over time, the internal bearings or bushings can wear out and fail, requiring complete replacement of the alternator. The average backyard mechanic

A Guide on When to Rotate Tires

Your tires are crucial to your vehicle. Without fully functioning wheels, you could not get from Point A to Point B. It's a no-brainer. However, you would be surprised at how many people neglect their ...

How to Replace the Water Pump in a 2006 Pontiac G6

The 2006 Pontiac G6 is a compact vehicle, so a number of parts and components are installed within close proximity. The water pump on the G6 is connected to the thermostat housing, so you must work with both of these parts to replace the water pump. Failure to replace a malfunctioning water pump pu

How to Replace an Auto Battery

Replacing a dead car battery is one of the simpler tasks in auto repair and doing so yourself will save you from being presented with an unnecessary and unreasonable garage bill. If the battery is particularly old, you may need to engage in some straightforward scrubbing of cable clamp ends, but eve

How to Remove a Jeep Luggage Rack Cross Rail

Removing the cross rails on the Jeep luggage rack is a job that can be done in just a few minutes. The cross rails of the Jeep luggage rack slide along the side luggage rails when not locked down, allowing you to position them where you need them. You can remove the cross rails by sliding them off t

What Would You Do If Your Car Broke Down?

No one ever breaks down in their car at a convenient moment. You're always heading off somewhere important and you get delayed as a result, but would you be ready for anything if you were ...

How to Clear the ABS Trouble Code Indicator Light

An anti-lock braking system (ABS) comes standard on most late-model cars. When you depress the brake pedal quickly, the ABS pulsates through the braking system so you do not lock your brakes up. This helps to slow the vehicle down gently without skidding. If your ABS indicator light is flashing, it

How to Replace a Lug Bolt

The tires on cars and trucks are held on with lug nuts. These attach to lug bolts, which are the studs the wheel is mounted on. The most common number of lug bolts per wheel on cars is four or five. When one of these bolts is broken or stripped, it must be replaced as soon as possible to maintain t