How to Operate an Outboard Motor Boat

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    • 1). Click the lock plate (a flat plate with a lanyard attached) into the emergency stop switch and put your wrist in the loop of the lock plate lanyard. Put your hand on the throttle control and steering handle of the outboard motor. Twist the handle counterclockwise to accelerate, like twisting the throttle on the handlebars of a motorcycle. Twist the handle clockwise to slow down.

    • 2). Push your hand to the right to turn to the left. The farther to the right you push your hand, the quicker your turn will be.

    • 3). Push your hand to the left to turn to the right. The farther to the left you push your hand, the quicker your turn will be. To reverse the motor, slow the motor all the way down and press down on the gear-shift lever, the paddle-shaped lever next to the steering handle, until it is in neutral (half-way down). Then, when the motor slows to idle, press the lever all the way down. Twist the throttle control on the steering handle to control your speed in reverse.

    • 4). Watch all vessel traffic around you and observe navigation rules. Slow down early, or come to a complete stop to avoid collisions if you are unsure of another vessel's intentions.

    • 5). Never exceed the speed at which you feel comfortable. The only thing excess speed offers is the opportunity to get in trouble faster.

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