How to Change a Taillight Bulb in a 2006 Nissan Altima

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    • 1). Set the parking brake for safety. Open the trunk to access the rear combination light assembly.

    • 2). Pry off the two plastic fasteners (with the flat head screwdriver) against the rear trunk carpet panel.

    • 3). Peel the carpet panel back to access the rear combination light assembly.

    • 4). Remove the two nuts that mount the rear combination light assembly using a pair of pliers or a socket wrench.

    • 5). Pull the rear combination light assembly away from the Altima.

    • 6). Rotate the taillight socket counter-clockwise to remove it from the assembly. The taillight is the second light from the bottom.

    • 7). Pull the old bulb off, and then insert the new bulb. Insert the bulb socket back into its mount; turn it clockwise to lock it.

    • 8). Reinsert the rear combination light into its mount. Attach the two nuts and tighten them with the pliers or the socket wrench.

    • 9). Push the carpet layer back in place. Reattach the fasteners by pushing them into the holes to secure the carpet layer.

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