How to Replace the Airbags in a 1995 Subaru Legacy

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    • 1). Open the hood of your Legacy and detach the negative cable from your battery. This will prevent your new airbags from deploying while you are installing them.

    • 2). Open your fuse panel under the dash on the driver's side and locate the airbag fuse. Check the label next to the fuses to find the correct slot containing that fuse. Remove the fuse to completely deactivate the airbags.

    • 3). Detach the screws holding the panels of your steering column, using a screwdriver. Remove the panels and locate the airbag behind the steering wheel. Unbolt the airbag and unplug it from the wiring harness. Pull the old bag out and replace it with the new one. Attach the wires to the car's wiring harness and bolt it in. Reattach the steering column panels.

    • 4). Open the glove box to access the passenger side airbag. Unhook the glove box door. Unscrew the glove box itself to remove it from the dash. Locate the airbag inside the dash and unhook it from the wiring harness. Remove the bolts to pull the old bag out. Screw the new airbag in place and plug in the wires. Reinsert and secure the glove box. Reattach the glove box door and close it.

    • 5). Reinsert the fuse in the airbag slot in your fuse panel. Reconnect the negative cable to the battery.

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