How to Replace an Auto Battery

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    • 1). Put on the rubber gloves. Loosen the battery bolt that attaches the clamp of the black negative cable to the battery, using a wrench. Detach the black, negative cable from the old battery. Next, loosen the battery bolt of the red, positive cable clamp, using a wrench. Detach the red positive cable from the battery.

    • 2). Loosen and remove any hardware holding the battery down in its tray. Again, a wrench is usually the best tool for the removal of any hold-down hardware. Remove the old battery from its tray and set it aside.

    • 3). Scrub the insides of the black and red cable clamp ends, using a wire brush and a 50/50 mixture of baking soda and water. After scrubbing the cable clamps, you may need to scrub residue off the battery tray as well, using the same brush and baking soda/water mixture. This will clean out any corrosion caused by sulfate buildup.

    • 4). Coat the insides of the cable clamp ends with petroleum jelly, to hinder any future corrosion.

    • 5). Place the new battery into its tray and secure any battery hold-down hardware with your wrench.

    • 6). Push the red, positive cable end clamp down on the positive battery terminal first, and secure the clamp on the battery with your wrench. Next, push the black, negative cable end clamp down on the negative battery terminal and secure this with your wrench.

    • 7). Take your old battery to the nearest service garage, auto supply store, or recycling center to be recycled. Car batteries cannot simply be thrown into the trash, given their high level of toxicity.

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