How to Adjust the Tension in an Ikea Hinge

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    • 1). Open the door to the Ikea item that needs hinge adjustment. Notice the part of the hinge that is connected to the wall or piece of furniture. Four screws are on this part of the hinge -- two on top and two on bottom.

    • 2). Tighten the screws with your screwdriver by turning them clockwise. This action will tighten the door and should solve any loose-door problems.

    • 3). Loosen the screws on the hinge by turning them counterclockwise if you want to adjust the door completely. This action will loosen the tension and allow some give to the door.

    • 4). Adjust the door up or down with your hands depending on where the problem is. Hold the door in the position you wish it to be set.

    • 5). Tighten the screws by turning them clockwise so they are secure.

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