Directions for CV Boots for a 1995 Subaru Impreza

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    • 1). Open the hood of the car, using the lever or switch that is usually located under the driver's side dash. Release any additional switches then open the hood. Safely support the hood using the attached accessory.

    • 2). Check the CV-boots from above the engine. The CV-boots are black rubber and are located directly behind the center of the wheel assembly. Look for grease, obvious tears, dust and dirt build up or broken CV-boot bands, which are located on either end of the boot.

    • 3). Inspect both sides of the engine and wheel assembly around the CV boot for grease build up, using a flashlight if necessary. Grease will be black and possibly encrusted with dirt or other debris. Grease flung by broken CV-boots often builds up on the body of the car and important engine components above them.

    • 4). View the CV-boots from below the car to check for additional problems, again checking for grease, obvious tears and dirt build up. Check both sides of the car.

    • 5). If there are no obvious problems, safely close the hood. If there is significant grease built up in line with the CV-boot, this could indicate a serious problem which may require professional attention.

    • 6). Inspect CV-boots regularly to detect problems before significant damage occurs.

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