How to Install LEDs in a '63 Instrument Panel

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    • 1). Pop the hood to gain access to the battery. Use a wrench to loosen the bolt which attaches the negative cable to the battery terminal. Lift the cable away from the terminal.

    • 2). Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the screws which hold the rubber bezel in place around the edge of the instrument panel. Pull the bezel away from the dash.

    • 3). Remove the three mounting screws which fix the instrument panel in place within the dashboard. Slide the instrument panel out of the dash. Unhook the electrical connector on the back on the panel to allow you to fully remove it from the vehicle. Place the panel on a flat work surface.

    • 4). Unscrew the old bulbs from the panel turning them in a counterclockwise direction with your hand until they come loose. Replace them with the modern LEDs by turning them in the opposite direction in to the instrument panel. Keep turning them until they will no longer turn to ensure they are fixed firmly in place.

    • 5). Reattach the instrument panel and the bezel to the dashboard following the removal steps in reverse. Place the negative cable back on to the battery terminal and fix in place with the bolt. Turn on the engine to check that all the instrument panel lights work correctly.

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