How to Read the Ammeter on a Golf Cart

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    • 1). Determine whether your ammeter is a normal ammeter or a zero-center ammeter. If there are only positive numbers on the ammeter dial, it is normal. If there are positive and negative numbers on the ammeter dial, it is a zero-center ammeter.

    • 2). Read your user manual to determine what the amperage should be for your golf cart battery. It should be around 21 amps.

    • 3). Compare your amperage with the recommended amperage.

    • 4). Make sure your amperage is zero or higher for a zero-center ammeter. If the amperage is negative, it means the generator is not fully running the golf cart's electrical components. This could mean that the generator is bad. If the amperage is zero or positive, the electrical components are being run completely by the generator and the battery is being charged.

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